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December 2011




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May. 17th, 2020


How's My Driving? + Contact

Hello everyone! This is Spazzy just asking that you let me know how I am doing? Am I playing The Captain from Nextwave right? Are his constant cursing and drunken antics annoying? Are you enjoying the character and the posts? Do you have an opinion at all?

Let me know! I hope to have fun and continue in this game and I can listen to criticism without much drama. Also this is where you should post if you rather I not tag you with an obnoxious illiterate drunk!


Contact information:

AIM: Spazthelegion

Plurk: Spazy

Mar. 22nd, 2020


Future Regains

So here is the checklist of things The Captain is missing. We'll see how many he gets back.

The List:

[☠] His uniform outfit.

[☠] His ability to fly.

[☠] His super human strength.

[☠] His super human ability to resist destruction.

[☠] Special Bear

[☠] Captain Universe Costume

[ ] The Shockwave Rider? (Debating on this one ever)

[☠] A bar of soap with teeth marks. (Also debating, just in case I run out of stuff or want to delay)


It's a short list of things I want him to get back but it'll do.

Dec. 24th, 2011

f'ed up

51st Hangover - Not Dead Yet [Event!]

[Action | 950 Beulah Street]

[The Captain has been forgotten.

The guy who tries so hard to forget things, is now miserable with the fact that he's been "erased".

Stupid town. He didn't even see the bulletin that went out, he was too busy waking up in a cold ditch outside the bar.

Hung over, looking miserable and pretty messed up, The Captain is going home. Maybe he can pass out in his bed and feel better in the morning?]

((OOC: Someone is going to get The Captain at home. Feel free to attack him or talk to him though while he is walking.))

Dec. 13th, 2011


50th Hangover - Not Superman [Event!]

A) [Action | 950 Beulah Street]

[He's piling burnable things in the living room. Breaking apart furniture, the TV, you name it.

He's also stock piling his alcohol.]

Yeah, this'll last us.

[No, it won't. It's also likely to lead to disaster.

Housemate might want to help him or find a safer place to wait this out.]

B) [Action | A Snowbank in Mayfield] (Only one person tag this please! Goes to the first person to tag it.)

[It's time for a hero to save the day.

The Captain is not that hero.

He decided to tough it out and fly through the bitter cold air. Looking for those who get stuck in the snow or need other sorts of help.

Then flight gives out.]


[The Captain still has invulnerability, luckily. He crashes into the snow, burying himself and maybe falling unconscious.

Is this the end of The Captain?]

C) [Action | Around Mayfield]

[Nope! The Captain is alive though freezing cold and trying to trudge through the snow.

Pulling out his flask and drinking heavily for warmth. That's totally how whiskey works, right?


Nov. 25th, 2011


49th Hangover - Thanks Giving Message [Event! | Backdated to Thursday]


Yeah, okay. Everyone said it was probably a trap already. We expect that.

So I am going to do something expected too. Here's my message.

Mayfield! I am ☠☠☠☠ thankful that every crazy ☠☠☠☠ plot like this eventual falls apart in an amazingly terrible way.

I hope to be here when this town collapses and everyone gets to go home.

I hope I get to break the face of one of the people responsible for this too.

Oh, yeah, thanks for the ☠☠☠☠ turkey.

Nov. 22nd, 2011

Nuff said

48th Hangover - He's a Hero, I swear.

[Look out Mayfield! If there's trouble, The Captain is there! With super strength, flight, and near invulnerability, there has to be something he can do.

He's sober people, this is not a drill. This is the real thing.

So he's coming to help you! Yes, YOU! And you too!

The Captain is flying around town helping out people in need. He can be caught doing any of the following!

--Is your car broken down, stalled or do you have a flat? Well he's there, probably picking up your car and flying with you in.

--Is your cat/dog/best friend stuck in a tree? Well, out of the sky comes The Captain, landing to see if he can help with this situation.

--Are you locked out of your house? Well, here comes The Captain!

--Is there a fire/mugging/broken nail? Well, he might come if he hears you calling for help!

--Or pick your own. If you are crying, if you are frustrated, or even if you just look like you're having a bad day, he will probably come and check things out.

Flag him down if you just want to chat, otherwise he's on patrol.]

((OOC: Just post with a situation or setting and he'll swoop on by.))

Nov. 16th, 2011


47th Hangover - The Captain Has a Theory!

[Phone | Unfiltered]

☠☠☠☠, I hope I am wrong.

Okay, after this whole Halloween nonsense and radioactive graves, I made a connection.

Back when all got stuck in ☠☠☠☠ Westport, we didn't find bodies. Only the aftermath.

I heard the people stuck Westport had graves in Mayfield but the skeletons didn't match.

At Halloween, when people got abducted they left graves with radioactive skeletons.

Anyone think that those first skeletons might have belonged to Westport? Maybe why we didn't find anything?

These new ones were radioactive. So, what happened to Maipole?

I might be wrong. If anyone's got a better idea or sees a problem with this, give me a call.

Oct. 30th, 2011

f'ed up

46th Hangover - HIS NAME IS COUNT CAPTAIN! [Event!]

[Action | Anywhere]

[The Captain is back and even stranger than ever.

You see, he is tux a suit and a cape!

At least he cleans up well.

Ladies, be ware, if he knows you, he'll be stalking you with the cape covering the lower half his face.]

Oct. 25th, 2011


45th Hangover - Pod-Captain [Event!]

[Action | 950 Beulah Street]

[The Captain will greet his not!daughter, cheerful as ever, and even ask her about her classes.]

[Action | Around Town]

[The Captain is walking around, sober and cheerful. Two things you don't see every day.

He waves to people he sees.

He might also ask you about work or your families.]

[Action | The Pharmacy]

[The Captain rarely comes to work with a smile. Almost as rare as coming to work sober.

Not only that, he steps up and gets right to work. No complaints and no trying to hide in the back room.]

[Action | Add-on | In The Sky]

[Superman fighting The Captain would be a cool fight.

This is not that fight.

A very angry Captain dressed in his trench coat, sneakers, camo cargo pants and black star t-shirt is doing battle with a mockingly cheerful Mark Matthews dressed in typical Mayfield clothing.

Did I mention they are both flying. Colliding in the air with punches and kicks.]

I am going to stomp your cabbage patch ☠☠☠☠!

I'd watch your language, buddy.

There might be kids nearby that didn't force their daddies to leave and their mommies to drink.

Sep. 15th, 2011


44th Hangover - Friends Till The End

[Action | Throughout Town]

[He should be setting up his plans.

He should be working with his fellow heroes.

Instead, The Captain just got himself plastered.

Now he's out and about. He's punching things. Not people, just things.

Only when he hits them, they break, his fist going through them and destroying them. Super strength put to good use.

Shouting all the while.]

You took Sakura, and Crane, and anyone that tried to help.

☠☠☠☠ you!

[Good bye mail box. It's destroyed with one blow.]

Now Doc's lost his memory? You took your ☠☠☠☠ time getting to him.

☠☠☠☠ you!

[Hits a tree, timber!]

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